Our passion for making your hands and feet beautiful has been our primary goal for 25 years. We use the newest and best techniques for all of our manicures, pedicures and artificial nail enhancements. We pay very close attention to cleanliness and use the highest quality products. Please enjoy your experience with us at In The Nails where beauty, glamour and health go hand in manicured hand.


Hydrating and Healing Manicure

The perfect restorative treatment using warm lotion and enriched with wheat protein and organic shea butter. First, your nails are soaked in warm lotion. Then, your nails are shaped and cuticles groomed. Your hands are then exfoliated with OPI’s skin renewal scrub. The finishing touch is a relaxing massage followed by a polish of your choice.


This service includes a basic cleansing of the nail bed, shaping of the nail, grooming of the cuticle followed by a polish of your choice.


Combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gel polish. A true innovation in chip-free, extended-wear nail color. This patented CND product is formulated with a combination of monomers and polymers that allow it to go on like polish, wear like gel and remove in minutes. The great thing is this product is Hypoallergenic and lasts 14 days.


Standard Pedicure

This wonderful treatment leaves feet feeling soothed and relaxed. We follow a warm foot-bath with grooming of the nails, cuticles and feet, followed by a hydrating foot massage. Polish of your choice finishes this treatment.

Luxury Pedicure

This luxurious pedicure transforms your pedicure from ordinary to extraordinary with an exclusive line of Boesch products. Based on your preference, choose from Vitamin Recharge, Ocean Refresh, Lavender Release, Lemon Quench and Detoxifying Green Tea.


This service includes a basic cleansing of the nail bed, shaping of the nail, grooming of the cuticle, followed by a polish of your choice.

Artificial Nail Enhancements

Full Sets

In this process tips are applied to your natural nail to give additional length, then either acrylic, gel or a wrap are applied to add additional strength to the tips.

Fill Ins

A fill is the application of product between your nail cuticle and the grown out portion of the artificial nail. This service also includes repair of any cracks, breakage or lifting of the nail product.

Overlays on Natural Nail

An overlay is the application of product like gel or acrylic to your natural nail to provide additional strength.

Buff and Polish

A buff and polish is a service often done between fills. Your nail tech will buff the out growth of the nail product near the cuticle area making it blend with your natural nail.